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We help people who have fled from the horrors of war in Ukraine and want to master a modern digital profession.

And You can help.

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85% of Ukrainian businesses have stopped or partially stopped operating due to the war.

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12 million people inside Ukraine and 4 million people in neighboring countries may need humanitarian assistance

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Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are forced to start their lives and careers anew. Right now. To survive.

About Project

Because of the war in Ukraine, thousands of families had to leave their houses and were forced to emigrate.

Fortunately, global IT market is open to working from any place of the world. Therefore now remote work and stable income are really important for many people to take care of their families.

We are ready to teach anyone who chooses the profession of Software Developer, SMM-manager, QA, project-manager or web-designer.

The financial audit and control of the project is carried out by Baker Tilly, which is one of the TOP-5 audit companies in the world

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Why IT-career

  • Remote Friendly

    All modern digital professions are suitable for remote learning and work, that is especially important for migrants due to constant relocation.

  • People

    Last time such a huge number of refugees were accepted during the WW II. These people need a job on the local market. IT industry is perfect to tackle unemployment, because it allows you to work wherever you are.

  • Salary

    According to the European Agency, a refugee needs to earn at least $700 to ensure a normal life. On average, our graduates earn $800 in the first month after graduation.

How to help

Who we are

GoIT is international EdTech-company with headquarters in Poland and Ukrainian roots, which has been training and preparing future IT-professions all over the world for 8 years.

90% of our students are educated people aged 25-50 without experience in IT. While studying, they gain technical and soft skills, create their first projects and improve their English.

We help our graduates get a job in technology companies and join a large IT-community. More than half of GoIT students get a job in first 2-3 months after completing a course.

  • 8500 students during its existence
  • 5 offices worldwide
  • 85% of 200 employees are Ukrainians
  • IT Education Awards

    BEST IN EDUCATION 2015 Award-winning company GoIT for his contribution to the training of strong Junior specialists


    For four years in a row, GoIT has won the IT education nomination All-Ukrainian national project has identified GoIT as a leader in the field of IT education in 2018 - 2021

  • FORBES Ukraine 30 under 30 — 2021

    CEO GoIT Anton Chorniy

How to help

UNDP Project

In 2014-2015 our team joined the United Nations Development Programme due to the situation in Donbas. We taught web development to forced migrants for free and showed a record percentage of employed students among Ukrainian IT-schools.

Already in the first month after completing the course, 70 students became employees of large IT companies such as GlobalLogic, Luxoft, Terrasoft. Today we are ready to train thousands of people.

How It Will Work

  1. We accept donations from individuals, IT companies, foundations.
  2. We conduct career guidance and organize the reception of applications from Ukrainian refugees who want to get a new profession.
  3. We start training on a free basis
  4. We help to find the first job
  • 4 months average study time
  • $800 average graduate income in the first month

How I can help

Our goal is to help 10,000 people start new careers and new lives

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